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Pilates...feel better, look better, live better!

Pilates is a form of exercise involving resistance, body alignment, core strength, and stabilization to help the body learn to perform at its greatest potential. Pilates is an excellent exercise choice for most people as it can be adapted to meet you where you're currently at in order to help you reach your end health and fitness goals. Regularly practicing Pilates can lead towards increased strength and improved flexibility, posture, balance, coordination and range of motion.

Trokey Pilates Studio is located in New Town at St. Charles in Missouri. At our facility we strive to educate our students and help them improve their overall health and fitness. We maintain personalized attention for each student by keeping our group class size small, which allows you to get the most out of each class you attend.
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"For me pilates has helped me to become more aware of and begin to help reduce the pain I've been experiencing in my body due to lack of flexibility. I have always been extremely tight but never connected the dots that this tightness was causing the pain in my lower back. With Erica's educational background and skill in her attention to detail, she has been able to help identify some problem areas for me. The combination of her working with me and the top-notch equipment found in her studio has put me on the path to a healthier and pain-reduced me. Though I've only been taking classes with her for a short time I am shocked at how my flexibility has already increased. I'm always pleasently surprised that I can go through her class, get a kick-butt workout and feel like I just went through therapy for my body. I love it!" - Amanda H.